Can you use normal watch straps with the Google Pixel Watch?

Kiss your existing strap collection goodbye

Quick answer: No, the Google Pixel Watch straps are proprietary, meaning that you cannot use standard-lug watch bands with it. Instead, you’ll have to buy special dedicated Pixel Watch straps, and selection right now is slim.

Google has recently launched its new Google Pixel Watch, and with it, a handful of colorful and fancy bands to offer you some customization. However, the watch’s $ 350 price tag isn’t the only thing shocking to consumers. On top of Google’s replacement straps costing anywhere from $ 50 to a whopping $ 200 for the Metal Links band.

Why did Google choose to do this?

Standard lugs would’ve interfered with the Pixel Watch’s ultra-minimal design, and if you’re thinking “You can still do standard lugs with an edge-to-edge design,” early watches like the Moto 360 showed us the absolute pain that tends to be. We can’t be entirely sure of Google’s motives, but Google has stressed the importance of being able to easily change the Pixel Watch’s band, and so that was likely a driving force beyond this decision.


While it can take a bit of practice, once the switching process clicks for you – for lack of a better term – swapping the bands become wonderfully easy to do for the Pixel Watch. That would be great news … if there were enough bands out there worth swapping to.

What bands are available with the Google Pixel Watch?

Since the release of the watch, Google has rolled out five different watch bands available now, and two more being rolled out next spring. Each type of band has a couple of colors or styles that you can choose from, so while there are only five different bands, you do have some freedom of customization.

Official Google Pixel Watch bands currently available right now:

  • Active Band ($ 50): The soft silicone strap that comes with the Pixel Watch
    • Lemongrass, Hazel, Chalk, Charcoal, Obsidian
  • Stretch Band ($ 60): A claspless fabric strap made of recycled yarn, available in five sizes
  • Woven Band ($ 60): A strikingly patterned fabric strap made of sustainable fibers with an adjustable clasp
  • Crafted Leather Band ($ 80): An authentic Italian leather band in a single, reserved color
  • Two-Tone Leather Band ($ 80): Another Italian leather strap, this time with each piece of the strap being slightly different shades of the same color

Official Google Pixel Watch bands arriving next spring:

  • Metal Mesh Band ($ 130): A Milanese-style mesh loop strap with a magnetic clasp
    • Polished Silver, Matte Black, Champagne Gold
  • Metal Links Band ($ 200)A traditional stainless steel band with a deployant clasp and removable links to achieve a proper fit
    • Brushed Silver, Matte Black

The variety of these bands covers a lot of different styles and each has its own flair, particularly with the Woven Band and the Two-Tone Leather Band. So, while the Google Pixel Watch bands may not be the same standard, quick-release straps we’ve been spoiled by on most of the best Android smartwatches, Google does seem to have put plenty of thought and design into the bands they created.

The only real question now is how many of these bands can you afford? Or can you hold out until bands from reliable third-party brands make it to market in the coming weeks and months?

Google Pixel Watch
Google Pixel Watch in Hazel

Source: Google

The Google Pixel Watch is designed around functionality, customization, and comfort. These bands are well crafted with a variety of different styles, so no matter what your look is, the Google Pixel Watch will always look great on you.

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