Dad is publicly shamed by SeaWorld mime for allegedly letting wife do the ‘heavy lifting’ in viral footage

A mime working at SeaWorld went viral when he called out a dad for appearing to neglect his hardworking wife – but some TikTokers feel the dad isn’t getting a fair shake.

The footage, recorded by a SeaWorld guest by the name of Ernest while vacationing in Orlando, Fla., Gained over 13 million views, 2 million likes, and 24,000 comments.

We’ve seen dads’ seemingly bad behavior go viral before – like the father-to-be who was less than thrilled to discover his third baby was a little girl – but rarely is a mime the true star of the footage.

In the video, Michelle Tzenevrakis and her husband, Nick, are seen walking into a SeaWorld stadium with their 13-month-old daughter, Kalliope. Michelle walks ahead, a backpack slung over one arm di lei and Kalliope held in the other, as Nick follows along.

Suddenly the family is stopped by an angrily gesticulating mime, who insists Michelle remove her bag. The crowd erupts into claps and cheers as the mime hands the bag to Nick, then gives the dad a “what’s the matter with you” gesture. Later, he signals for Michelle to call him before stomping away.

As reported by Todaythe couple, visiting from Warsaw, Ill., had no idea they were being filmed at the time – nor that the footage would end up going viral soon after.

“That mime totally caught me off guard,” Nick, 28, told Today. “At that moment, I was in a total daze. I was really hungry, and my feet were hurting me. ” Nick added that he wasn’t embarrassed and found the whole incident “pretty funny.”

Later, in the comment section of Ernest’s footage, Michelle herself weighs in. “😂😂 This is me and my husband! We found it hilarious! Wasn’t sure what the mime was doing at first – we were confused! “

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“She is literally doing all the heavy lifting …”

Over 24,000 TikTokers shared their very strong opinions in the comments – but not everyone seems to agree about the viral moment.

Many were incensed over the dad’s seeming neglect of his wife.

“She is literally doing all the heavy lifting and he just strolling along,” one user wrote.

“It’s such a mum thing to do carrying the weight of everything without a second thought,” another user shared.

However, other TikTokers felt the father was being unfairly judged.

“She could have just been holding the bag because she JUST took something out of it. People are so judgy, ”one user wrote.

“Y’all really out judging a whole relationship on a 10 second video 💀💀💀,” another user commented.

But many TikTokers took issue with the controversial amusement park at the center of the video.

“People still go to sea world ???” one shocked user asked.

While social media can’t seem to make up its mind about the viral moment, the Tzenevrakis family themselves appear to have had a good laugh about it.

As for the mime? He seems to be staying mum on the incident.

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