Halloween Ends review – an absolute disgrace to Michael Myer’s legacy

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In the 45-year history of Halloween, Halloween Ends is by far one of the worst movies in the franchise.

This review of the Peacock horror film Halloween Ends does not contain spoilers.

Will Evil finally die? That’s the main question facing Halloween Ends. We saw the return of Michael Myers in 2018 with an incredible film, Halloweenfollowed by one of the worst films of the franchise, Halloween Kills. So will the franchise go out with a bang? Or will it continue to disappoint? Let’s dive in.

I’ve always felt that Michael Myers was one of the most complex characters to get right, and most of the time, you either get it right, or it’s terrible, and we’ve seen that now two times in a row. First, I enjoyed the first Rob Zombie Halloween, but he followed it with an abysmal film. Then, writer / director David Gordon Green did the same thing with the two recent installments. I want to like Halloween Killsbut outside of the kills, every time I watch it, I hate it more and more.

Halloween Ends begins with a bang when we see a kid come over to babysit another kid, which ends up killing him in one of the wildest turns of events to open a film we have seen in recent times. While this gave me hope, I was quickly let down because they went down this path with this kid that felt so out of place and lackluster. Throughout this franchise, we see these writers start to take risks, and it fails.

Speaking of fails, the pacing of this movie is something that blows my mind. The entire first hour of this movie is entirely unwatchable. They build up this Corey character for more than three-quarters of this movie, and I couldn’t care less about him. I think Rohan Campbell rivals Anthony Michael Hall as one of the worst performances in this entire franchise.

I am so happy for Jamie Lee Curtis because she brought some good throughout this trilogy, but Laurie Strode deserves much better than what the writers gave her. You built up the entire last movie with very little Laurie in the film, with the talk of it being her di lei seeking this revenge in Halloween Ends. She is in this movie for like ten minutes throughout the first hour and a half. I literally don’t get the writing of this movie.

Furthermore, on the terrible writing, as I mentioned, in Halloween Kills, you build up this battle between Laurie and Michael, and MICHAEL MYERS IS IN THE MOVIE LESS THAN Laurie. How in the world did you blunder this? Not only that, the entire build of the battle in the movie was finished by a HORRENDOUS ENDING. I don’t get what they were trying to do with this script, but it’s literally one of the worst scripts that have been brought out this year.

One of the only good things about Halloween Kills was that the kills were good. However, yet another disappointing factor of Halloween Ends was the kills were lackluster. It’s one of the things that you look forward to the most when you watch Michael Myers movies is the creative ways he will kill people. Again, I am at a loss for words with this entire movie.

Overall, Halloween Ends is another failed attempt to reignite what the 2018 film brought to the table. The lackluster story structure followed by the poor character development brings one of the worst installments of this storied franchise. I hope we close this chapter on Myers for good.

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