Here’s Why The Next-Gen 2024 Ford Mustang Will Be Unlike Any Muscle Car Before

The Ford Mustang is one of the very best muscle cars of all time. For generations, Ford’s icon has been the car that many think of first when they hear the words “muscle car”. True, there have been setbacks and bad models. But every car model goes through that. We aren’t too far away now either from seeing the very latest when it comes to the Mustang. The next generation of the muscle car is just around the corner, something that excites many.

It’s probably not escaped anyone’s attention though that the automotive world is changing. Electric cars are creeping further and further into our lives, and the muscle car segment will surely follow. The Dodge Charger Daytona SRT is a clear sign of that. Plus, Ford has already given an electric vehicle the Mustang name, with the Mustang Mach-E crossover. This next-generation of the Mustang could be one of the most special ever, and unlike any other generation we have seen before it too. It might well become the last of a generation too, ahead of a hybrid or electric future for the model.

All We Know So Far About The Upcoming Mustang

First and foremost, we know that the new Mustang is coming on September 14th. The codename for this latest generation of the car is S650, and it is heading our way for the 2024 model year. The full reveal is taking place at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show. Ford’s CEO Jim Farley tweeted out in July that the reveal was coming, with a hashtag that read #SaveTheManuals. This of course is in reference to the age of the manual car, not just the muscle car, dying out all over the world.

As such, there is every chance that this latest Mustang will in fact be the last to have a manual transmission. It also appears that rumors swirling around that the car would be all-wheel drive and hybrid are now dead. Automotive News has cited sources familiar with the company’s plans as saying that while all-wheel drive and a hybrid powertrain were in the works, the S650 will be solely internal combustion powered, and still have just rear-wheel drive. Plus, they Ford hope hopes to make the lifespan of this generation eight years, up from the usual six. It would be safe to say though that this might be the last internal combustion powered Mustang that we see.

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The Prospect Of A Mustang GT3 Racer

While the advent of the new road car is exciting, we are also expecting to see a new GT3 Mustang racer from Ford as well. Very recently, Ford posted an interesting tweet on the Ford Performance Twitter page. This had a brief audio clip playing what sounded like an engine from the cockpit of a race car. This of course would be the new Ford Mustang GT3 race car. This machine is set to contest the IMSA Sports Car series in 2024, as the championship moves to GT3 racing for its GT categories.

We do know the new GT3 Mustang is likely to use a naturally aspirated 5.-liter Coyote V8 engine under the hood, developed by Ford Performance and build by the legendary M-Sport in the UK, one of Ford’s greatest partners. This company is of course most famous for its success running Ford’s in the World Rally Championship. We should get a new look at this GT3 car at the Detroit Auto Show alongside the new road-going generation of the Mustang, which will help to make the show an incredibly exciting event. Of course, there is more to come from the road Mustang too.

A Possible Big Interior Redesign Is Underway

The consensus is that the exterior of this latest Mustang generation will not be too different from the last one. It is the interior though where the biggest changes might occur. Expect to see a digital instrument cluster as the centerpiece of the S650 interior, a cluster that should wrap into a driver-focused infotainment touchscreen. And in good news to many, added buttons should be present for some of the basic functions, such as volume up for your radio and music.

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A Final Hurray For Internal Combustion

This generation of the Mustang could become the most memorable and most important yet. Many will no doubt breathe a sigh of relief that internal combustion should power this new Mustang. But we all know that the future is coming and that a hybrid, or electric Mustang, could become the next model. At least the eight-year run time for this generation gives Ford time to work out what to do next. The S650 generation of the Mustang though may well go down in history as the end of an era. So we should very much cherish it while we still have it.

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