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Defiant Iranian Netflix actress Elnaaz Norouzi may have just become enemy No. 1 for the Islamic regime’s morality police after posting an Instagram video showing her stripping off her hijab in protest.

Protests continue across Iran after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini while in custody by the regime’s morality police for wearing “inappropriate attire.” Amini’s death has led to numerous women ripping off their headscarfs, but it is Norouzi’s video this week that has caused headlines around the world because she has a massive 2.1 million follower base on Instagram where the 30-year-old has been speaking out against Iranian leadership.

While calling her video “freedom of choice,” Norouzi is shown in the video in various stages of undressing while using a “my body, my choice” slogan at the end of the video as a clear signal to the morality police who rule Iran.

Elnaaz Norouzi has appeared in movies with Gerard Butler and currently stars in Netflix series Sacred Games / Instagram
“I’m not promoting nudity, I am promoting freedom of speech,” Iranian Elnaaz Norouzi writes / Instagram

Norouzi’s Instagram video has since been deleted.

“Every Woman, anywhere in the world, regardless of where she is from, should have the right to wear whatever she desires and when or wherever she desires to wear it. No man nor any other woman has the right to judge her or ask her to dress otherwise, ”Norouzi wrote on the Instagram video post di lei.

“Everyone has different views and beliefs and they have to be respected. Democracy means the power to decide… Every Woman should have the power to decide over her own body di lei! I am not promoting nudity, I am promoting freedom of choice! ”

The Tehran-born actress who appeared in Kandahar alongside Gerard Butler, and stars in the Netflix series Sacred Gamesclaims she had her own run-in with the morality police that could have had a different ending.

“What happened to Mahsa could have happened to Elnaaz. A few years back I was in Iran and it was my last day in Tehran. I was out on the road with my cousin when a woman suddenly came in front of me, and she just asked me ‘what is this?’. I really didn’t know what she was talking about and she repeated ‘what is this?’. I was then taken by the morality police, Gasht-e Ershad, because my pants (pant legs) weren’t wide enough.

“They were tight, so you could see my ankle. Even though my manto, which is that thing you have to wear to cover your bum and cover everything, was long enough to cover my ankle, my pants were not wide. I was taken in a van to the ‘re-education center’, where they took Mahsa as well, until someone came and picked me up with the right clothing. “

“Now my cousin was freaking out, my family was freaking out. When I reached there, they took my passport and they took my phone… The way they scare you, the things they do with you, this is not the way anyone should live in Iran. “

It’s estimated the morality police have killed nearly 200 people since protests erupted over Amini’s death last month. An Iranian human rights group claims 19 of those deaths have been children. Amini was taken in, according to media reports, for not wearing her hijab correctly and police say she collapsed and died.

That’s right, they had nothing to do with her death. She just died.

As of this week, protests have taken place across 17 provinces as citizens demand an end to the Isalamist regime that has tormented its citizens.

“The Iranian people have continued their protests for over two weeks. This time around, it’s different. We have never seen such courage on the part of the Iranian protesters who are burning Basiji headquarters, police cars, even attacking and killing regime forces, ”Iranian analyst Lisa Daftari said during an interview with Fox News Digital.

As for Norouzi, it’s unclear where her hijab protest took place. Her latest Instagram posts by her have been tagged Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She has not addressed why her hijab video di lei was deleted.

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