Mark Cuban Doesn’t Know If He’ll Come Back to Shark Tank

Mark Cuban’s days in the Shark Tank may be numbered.

The billionaire stopped by the PEOPLE Every Day podcast to talk with host Janine Rubenstein about Shark Tank and his new online pharmacy Cost Plus Drug Company.

During the interview, Cuban, 64, addressed rumors that he might be leaving Shark Tank in the near future.

“I committed to come back for season 15 next year,” the Shark investor told Rubenstein. “But after that, you know, I don’t know yet.”

“And it’s not cause I don’t love the show. I absolutely love the show,” the Mavericks owner continued. “I love what it represents. I love that kids watch it. And now we have entrepreneurs coming on that started watching when they were 12, 13, 14 years old.”

But for Cuban, spending time with his family, including daughters Alyssa and Alexis and son Jake, trumps all other obligations. “My daughter’s in college now … when they were all in high school, all their schedules aligned. And so it was really easy to do the show,” he said. “But now, you know, family first, always. And so I wanted to try to make sure I spent as much time with my daughter as I can, and my family as I can.”

Shark Tank.

Don’t start panic-DVRing all the episodes just yet, though. “Shark Tank is saying they’ll move this shooting schedule around for us, “he said.” So, hopefully we can make it all work out. ”

Rubenstein asked Cuban which Shark Tank company has made him the most money – and if there’s one that got away.

“The one that made me the most cash money was a company called Cycloramic [featured on a 2014 episode of Shark Tank] who did this technology stuff called computer vision, “he said.” And we sold it to Carvana. So if you go to Carvana’s website and you push around the cars and open the doors, that’s all their software. ”

And the company that got away? “Spikeball,” he said without missing a beat.

“If you go by the beach in LA, you’ll see all these kids throwing a yellow ball against a little thing and it bounces up and down, and it’s just blown up. I missed that one. I blew it.”

In January, the 63-year-old billionaire launched Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company, an online pharmacy dedicated offering prescription drugs at more affordable prices than retail pharmacies.

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In a recent report published in the Annals of Internal Medicineresearchers claimed that Medicare could save $ 3.6 billion per year if it purchased drugs through Cuban’s pharmacy.

He shared with Rubenstein the impact his business is having.

“It’s insane. It’s just insane. I mean, I’m used to people walking up to me saying, I love the Mavs or Shark Tank or whatever, “Cuban said.” Now people are walking up and just hugging me like, ‘oh my God, you saved my grandma a thousand dollars a month.’ To have that impact is really something special. ”

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