Release: VitaDB Downloader 1.4 by Renegatamante

It’s been less than a week that Renegatamante released VitaDB Downloader, an “app store” for your homebrew-enabled PS Vita. And in the past week, there’s been a few major updates already, in particular with theme support, a very welcome addition for those who like to customize their hacking experience.

Themes can be downloaded here, and you can submit your own. (Maybe a future update will let us install themes directly from within the app?). Specifically with 1.4, Renegatamante brings even more customization, with the possibility to customize color schemes for all elements of the GUI.

What is VitaDB Downloader

VitaDB is the most used Vita app repository for owners of homebrew-enabled PS Vita consoles. The database hosts thousands of utility software and games, with a website where people can manually download the homebrew themselves for manual installation on their console. It also provides an API, allowing developers to access the database programmatically. This means in particular that there are several Vita app “homebrew stores” that let you install games directly from your Vita, leveraging this repository.

Multiple “homebrew installers” exist that leverage VitaDB, such as Vita Homebrew Browser (VHBB), Easy VPK, Better homebrew Browser, and more. Which one you’ll use depends on your personal preferences, but Rinnegatamante (who developed and maintains VitaDB) has shown frustration that they all seem to have issues.

It’s in this context that he decided to release VitaDB Downloader, which can be considered as the “official” VitaDB client.

VitaDB Downloader Features

  • Searching by author / homebrew name.
  • Filtering apps by category.
  • Viewing of all available screenshots for apps.
  • Sorting apps by different criteria (Most Recent, Oldest, Most Downloaded, Least Downloaded, Alphabetical)
  • Showing of several metadata for apps.
  • Download and installation of vpk + data files or vpk only at user discretion. (No more need to redownload data files everytime you want to update an homebrew for which data files are unchanged)
  • Minimalistic GUI based on dear ImGui with focus on robustness over fancyness.
  • Fast boot time (Only the very first boot will take a bit more due to app icons download. Successive boots will be basically instant)
  • Low storage usage (Screenshots are served on demand, the only data that are kept on storage are app icons with a overall storage usage lower than 10 MBs).
  • Tracking of installed apps, even when not installed through VitaDB Downloader, and of their state (outdated / updated).
  • Background music (You can customize it by changing ux0: data / VitaDB / bg.ogg with your own preferred track).
  • Background image / video (You can customize it by changing ux0: data / VitaDB / bg.mp4 or ux0: data / VitaDB / bg.png).
  • Support for themes (Customization of GUI elements via ux0: data / VitaDB / themes.ini).

In our experience, VitaDB Downloader has proven to be extremely reliable and, blazingly fast.


  • Left Analog or Up / Down Arrows = Move selection
  • Circle = Cancel selection
  • Left Arrow (When selection canceled) = Return to Search textbox (Top of the list)
  • Start = Show / Hide screenshots for selected homebrew
  • L / R = Change homebrews sorting
  • X = Install homebrew

VitaDB Downloader 1.4 – what’s new

There’s been 4 new releases since we last spoke about VitaDB Downloader (which was release 1.0), so we’re putting the changelogs for all these updates below.

VitaDB Downloader 1.4

  • Added a check after installing an app whether the installation succeeded or failed.
  • Added proper cleanup of leftover files when an installation is abruptly aborted or fails.
  • Fixed a bug causing wrong icon to be shown when performing a search and moving to the first app of the list.
  • Fixed a bug causing app info to be shown also when cursor is not on an app.
  • Added requirements popup when attempting to install an app having extra requirements for a proper setup (Eg. Plugin requirements or full data files from original game).
  • Added possibility to customize color scheme for all GUI elements (ux0: data / VitaDB / themes.ini).
  • Added proper tracking of applications state (Not Installed, Outdated, Updated).
  • Speeded up boot time. Now VitaDB Downloader will launch approximately one second faster.
  • Added possibility to check changelog for the selected app by pressing Select button.
  • Renamed “Category:” option to “Filter:“.
  • Added possibility to filter applications by Not Installed / Installed / Outdated criteria.
  • Fixed a bug causing page down (Right arrow) to not properly reach end of the list when a filter or search was active in certain circumstances.

Theme Support will no doubt become an instant favorite for most users.

VitaDB Downloader 1.3

  • Made so that fast paging down with right arrow will go as down as the very last entry.
  • Made visible on the top menubar the currently in-use filter for the apps list.
  • Reworded data files installation question to sound more correct.
  • Added Smallest and Largest sorting modes.
  • Added a dropmenu to change sorting mode (L / R is still usable for cycling between sorting modes).
  • Added possibility to cycle between category filters with Square button.
  • Using different granularity (B, KB, MB, GB) for homebrew sizes depending on the size itself.
  • Added free and total storage info on bottom right of the screen.
  • Aligned to left homebrew names in the apps list.
  • Added support for backgrounds (Both static (ux0: data / VitaDB / bg.png) and animated (ux0: data / VitaDB / bg.mp4)).
  • Added a check prior downloading an app whether free storage is enough to install it.

VitaDB Downloader 1.2

  • Added possibility to start a search rapidly by pressing the Triangle button.
  • Fixed a bug causing the app to crash if the background music file was missing.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the app to be updated from within the app itself.
  • Added auto updater.
  • Fixed an issue causing crackling and stuttering with audio during archive extractions.

VitaDB Downloader 1.1

  • Added a check when more than a month passed since last boot. If this happens, provide an option to the user to re-download all app icons at once.
  • Added possibility to fast scroll apps list with Left / Right arrows.
  • Added possibility to fast scroll apps list by moving the scrollbar with left analog.
  • Added possibility to instantly return to the top of the list by pressing Circle (Previously it was Circle + Left).
  • Fixed a bug not making scrollbar instantly reposition when going to the top of the list.
  • Fixed a bug causing selected app icon to get corrupted temporarily after installing an app.
  • Added background music (You can disable it or change the track by removing / replacing ux0: data / VitaDB / bg.ogg)
  • Fixed a bug causing selected app to change randomly when changing sort mode.

Download VitaDB Downloader

In order to run VitaDB Downloader you need libshacccg.suprx. If you don’t have it installed already, you can install it by following this guide:

Install like any other VPK (reminder, you need a hacked PS Vita!). Once installed, you should be able to install any other homebrew (that is, those present on VitaDB) from the VitaDB Downloader interface!

source: VitaDB

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