The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On October 20, 2022

As for degrees of ‘rough’ we could put this day on number 3, as it’s going to come with a few challenges, but nothing we can’t handle.

What makes today rough is how your zodiac sign, in particular, deals with the idea of ​​conflict.

For some zodiac signs, the stuff rolls off the back, while for others, it’s just not a thing we can tolerate.

Today we will find out what our limits are, just how much we can take … and whether or not we will take what we are given.

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Our main aggressor is the Moon sextile Mars, today. This transit is going to have us up in arms over some misunderstanding that either happens at the workplace or at home. If you’ve ever been told something in jest that ends up sitting with you the entire day, then this is that day.

You will be spoken about today, perhaps to your face, or perhaps not but whatever is said about you on this day, is going to stick in your psyche. And you might have a hard time ridding yourself of this nagging thought.

So, as mentioned, it’s not a day for tragic events; it’s simply about having our egos bruised. Do we fall apart over this? Some do. Some don’t. It all depends on how we translate the energy that comes off of the Moon sextile Mars.


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