The best Google Nest Mini mounts and stands in 2022

Smart speakers have become a very common smart home device that people absolutely love. While several Google Assistant smart speakers are available, the Google Nest Mini has become a top favorite due to its compact size and affordability.

When it comes to having smart speakers at home, it can be nice to mount your device or place it on a stand to clear space and give your Google Nest Mini some character. These mounts and stands for your Google Nest Mini range from simple and sleek, to fun and creative.

The Mount Genie wall mounts are so sleek, and they look great on any wall in your home. This built-in wall mount works for the Google Nest Mini and the Google Home Mini and stays in place with an exact pressure fit, so your device does not move around. Installation is quick and relatively easy, with all required parts included with your mount. With this mount, you can keep your device plugged in with all cables hidden and out of sight for a clean, smooth look.

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This Sportlink pedestal holder for the Google Nest Mini is perfect if you want a more portable stand for your smart speaker. This simple stand allows for improved sound quality, and the angle for your device is optimal for interactions. A rubber bumper inside keeps your Google Nest Mini secure and in place, while the rubber bottom on the stand keeps it from moving off your desk. Also, there’s a slot at the back of the base for clipping cable behind and keeping it hidden for less clutter.

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The HomeMount wall mount is both affordable and functional, giving you the best value for your Google Nest Mini. You can place the wall mount anywhere you have an outlet, and use the three grooves on the bracket to adjust the angle of your plug for easy convenience. In addition, the back of the plate is indented to allow you to neatly wrap the cable around and be hidden from sight. This mount even comes with an adapter for the Google Home Mini, so if you have both devices, this mount is definitely for you.

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These ceiling and wall mounts are an easy, inexpensive, and space-saving solution for your Google Nest Mini. For a minimalist look and minimal installation, Fstop Labs wall mounts are reasonably priced, yet very functional. You only need two screws to hold your Google Nest Mini in place, and the cord is threaded in behind for a simple, clean look. These mounts work on any wall; you can even use them on the ceiling, as long as you have an outlet nearby for power.

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Bring it back to the old days with the Wassers retro alarm clock holder for the Google Nest Mini. This stand is classy and stylish and looks great in any room. Your smart speaker is fixed in a screw-fit protective case to keep your device in place and protected. The cable for your Google Nest Mini is fed through the top of the stand and wraps neatly in the rear panel for a clean look. With the vertical orientation of this stand, you can take advantage of the optimized sound quality without interference.

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Wassers Retro Alarm Clock Stand

The KeyEntre owl stand is compatible with the Google Nest Mini, as well as several other smart speakers, making this stand extremely versatile. This stand is made with environmentally friendly materials and is lightweight, so you can move it from room to room with ease. A slot at the top lets you hide the cords out the back of the stand, so the only thing guests see is an elegant decoration in your home. If white’s not your color, no problem. The white base coat can actually be painted over with any color of your choice and makes for a fun art project.

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If you’ve been looking for a sophisticated and unique stand for your Google Nest Mini, this is the one. The HeyMoonTong stand is beautifully crafted with carbon steel and designed for durability and versatility. This stand can hold a variety of smart speakers, including the Google Nest Mini. The raised platform keeps your smart speakers from accidental spills and allows for a 360 ° sound experience so that you can listen to your music from any angle. In addition, the one-piece design of this stand makes it easy to move around and looks great anywhere in your home.

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This Elecom flower stand is a fun and creative way to display your Google Nest Mini. The flower’s flexible stem lets you move your speaker in any direction you want while your cables stay hidden within the stem for a desirable look. While this stand seems a little tall, the cute flower pot base is weighted, so you don’t have to worry about your stand and device falling over. This stand is perfect to blossom any room.

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Connect your smart home with Google Nest smart speakers

Smart speakers are an essential piece to your hands-free home. Luckily, it’s easy to set up Google Nest smart speakers, and they come in a variety of colors, sizes, and prices. The Google Nest Mini is an affordable smart speaker device that brings you amazingly hands-free features when you need them. With any smart speakers in your home, you will find that using a mount or stand reduces clutter and looks cleaner than not having one. For instance, the Mount Genie wall mount is installed right into your wall, giving it the appearance that it was always there. This sleek design is perfect for minimalists and anyone who doesn’t want to deal with pesky cables.

For a more portable option, the Sportlink pedestal requires no installation, no setup, and it’s easy to move around. This stand looks nice on any desk, and your cords can be neatly tucked behind the stand, making no clutter in your workspace. If you’re someone who doesn’t like things on their desk or in their way, the HomeMount wall mount lets you connect your Google Nest Mini to any outlet, and the convenient cord hider keeps everything looking neat and tidy. Whether you want to display or conceal your smart speaker, there’s a mount or stand to suit your needs.

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