Why NBA didn’t get involved in Draymond Green-Jordan Poole situation

The situation surrounding Draymond Green punching Jordan Poole during a Warriors practice – an incident coach Steve Kerr called the “biggest crisis” of his tenure – never reached the level of needing the NBA to intervene.

There’s a reason for that: the altercation happened behind closed doors. The video later leaked, giving the entire world a rare glimpse behind the curtain.

But as far as the league is concerned, it wasn’t their place to get involved.

“What you don’t want is the league being ‘big brother’ on everything, especially practices, shootaround, internal issues,” Joe Dumars, the NBA’s executive VP and head of basketball operations, told ESPN’s Malika Andrews on “NBA Today” on Monday. “You want teams to be able to handle internal issues. They know the issues as well as anyone.

“We think Golden State handled this extremely well. [CEO] Joe Lacob, and [team president and general manager] Bob [Myers] and [coach] Steve [Kerr] and those guys did a really good of handling this. But you don’t really want to be ‘big brother’ on everything. I don’t want to say this happens every day because it doesn’t and I don’t want that to be the narrative, ‘Oh, this happens every day.’

“But there are issues that happen internally every day with teams and teams have to be in position to handle those issues without it rising to the level of the league stepping in.”

After video of the punch leaked, the Warriors and Green mutually agreed that he would take time away from the team. Less than a week later, Kerr announced that the team had fined the four-time NBA All-Star and that he would return to practice the day before their final preseason.

Many outside observers and analysts expected the Warriors to suspend Green, but Kerr said there were a number of conversations with all the involved parties within the team, and they made the determination that a suspension wasn’t necessary. Poole’s role of him in those meetings played a part in Green avoiding a suspension.

Green played in the Warriors’ final preseason tune-up against the Denver Nuggets on Friday and he will play in the season opener against LeBron James and Co. on Tuesday at Chase Center.

He will receive his fourth NBA championship ring and watch as another banner gets raised to the rafters.

Green and Dumars have had a close relationship since the Warriors’ star was a sophomore at Saginaw High School, per Michigan Live, but the two haven’t caught up since the incident with Poole occurred on Oct. 5.

“I have not yet spoken to him,” Dumars told Andrews. “I wanted to give this some space and all. But obviously, it’s a very delicate situation. Tough situation. Not good for anyone. None of us like seeing that.”

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The Warriors are attempting to move on from the situation as best they can. There was no apparent friction between Green and Poole when they played together Friday.

Poole signed a contract extension Sunday, meaning he will be with the franchise through the 2026-27 season. The fourth-year guard broke his silence on the matter, making a brief statement at the beginning of his press conference Sunday with the intention of addressing it and hoping to move on.

With the issue in the rearview mirror, Green, Poole and the Warriors begin their quest to repeat as NBA champions Tuesday night at Chase Center.

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